The following is a quick reference of common coverages found on your policy.

Automobile Home & Property

Automobile - Basic Insurance

Liability Insurance Coverage - Provides coverage for you or other insured persons if someone else is killed or injured or their property is damaged in an automobile incident. It will pay for legitimate claims against you or other insured persons up to the limit of your coverage, and the cost of settling claims.

Accident Benefits Coverage - Your insurance company is obligated to explain details of Accident Benefits coverage to you. Provides benefits that you and other insured persons are entitled to receive if injured or killed in an automobile accident. These benefits include: income replacement for persons who have lost income; payments to non-earners who suffer complete inability to carry on a normal life; payment of care expenses to persons who cannot continue to act as a primary caregiver for a member of their household; payment of medical, rehabilitation and attendant care expenses; payment of certain other expenses; payment of funeral expenses; and payments to survivors of a person who is killed. You may also purchase optional benefits to increase the basic level of benefits provided in your policy.

The optional benefits your insurance company must offer are:

Increased Income Replacement - the basic level of income replacement provided in the policy ($400 per week maximum) can be increased by purchasing optional coverage so that the weekly limit is up to $600, $800 or $1,000. All income replacement benefits are based on 80% of your net weekly income.

Increased Caregiver and Dependant Care - the basic level of caregiver benefits for care expenses of persons who are not employed but care for dependants (up to $250 per week for the first person needing care, and $50 per week for every additional person) can be increased by purchasing optional coverage so that the weekly limit is up to $325 for the first person and $75 for additional persons. There is no basic benefit for persons who are employed and care for dependants, but if you purchase this optional coverage you can receive a benefit to cover additional weekly dependant care expenses of $75 for the first dependant, and $25 for each additional dependant, up to $150 per week.

Increased Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care - the basic benefit pays up to $100,000 for medical and rehabilitation expenses, with a 10 year time limit in most cases, and up to $72,000 for attendant care expenses. If catastrophically impaired, the basic benefit pays up to $1,000,000 for medical and rehabilitation expenses and up to $1,000,000 for attendant care expenses. You can purchase optional coverage of $1,000,000 above the basic coverage, and that provides no limitation on the time for which these expenses are paid.

Increased Death and Funeral - the basic level of death benefits paid to the surviving spouse or surviving and dependant of a person who is killed ($25,000 to surviving spouse; $10,000 to surviving dependant) can be doubled by purchasing this optional coverage. This coverage also increases the basic funeral expense benefit from $6,000 to $8,000.

Indexation Benefit - this optional coverage will ensure that certain weekly benefit payments and monetary limits will increase on an annual basis to reflect changes in the cost of living.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage - Provides coverage if you or other insured persons are injured or killed by an uninsured motorist or by a hit-and-run driver. It covers damage to your automobile and its contents caused by an identified, uninsured motorist, subject to a $300 deductible.

Direct Compensation - Property Damage (D.C.P.D.) - Provides coverage in Ontario, under certain conditions, for damage to your automobile and to property it is carrying, when another motorist is responsible. It is called Direct Compensation because you will collect from us, your insurance company, even though you are not at fault for the accident. There may be a deductible amount, and this amount is either paid by you toward the cost of repairs or is deducted from the loss settlement. Higher deductibles may reduce your premium.

*This coverage is only available if the accident occurs in Ontario, there was one or more vehicles involved in the accident, the other vehicle is also licensed and insured in Ontario as well. If these conditions are not met you can still put through a claim under the collision component of your insurance.


Optional Coverages

Loss or Damage - Provides a selection of optional coverages for your own automobile. Payments cover direct and accidental loss of, or damage to, a described automobile and its equipment. There is usually a deductible amount indicated for each coverage and this amount is either paid by you toward the cost of repairs or is deducted from the loss settlement. Higher deductibles may reduce your premium.

There are four types of coverages:

Specified Perils: Covers the described automobile against loss or damage caused by certain specific perils. They are fire; theft or attempted theft; lightning, windstorm, hail or rising water; earthquake; explosion; riot or civil disturbance; falling or forced landing of aircraft or parts of aircraft; or the stranding, sinking, burning, derailment or collision of any kind of transport in, or upon which, the described automobile is being transported. Comprehensive: Covers a described automobile against loss or damage other than those covered by Collision or Upset, including perils listed under Specified Perils, falling or flying objects, missiles and vandalism.

Collision or Upset: Covers damage when a described automobile is involved in a collision with another object or tips over.

All Perils: Combines the Collision or Upset and Comprehensive coverages.


Additional Coverages

OPCF 5 - Permission to Rent or Lease - This change form is used when the applicant for insurance is leasing the vehicle from a leasing company on a long-term basis or a period exceeding 30 days.

OPCF 20 - Loss of use - This change form reimburses the Insured up to the limit of liability shown on the policy change form for reasonable expenses incurred in procuring alternate transportation while the insured vehicle is laid up as a result of an insured loss. This change form also removes the 72-hour waiting period when the insured loss is theft of the entire automobile.

OPCF 27 - Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s) and Other Coverages when Insured Persons Drive, Rent or Lease Other Automobiles - This policy change form indemnifies the Insured and certain other persons against liability imposed by law or assumed under any written agreement for loss or damage caused by a peril described under All Perils arising from the care, custody or control of any automobile (non-owned or licensed in the name of any person insured) of the private passenger or station wagon type or any commercial vehicle of a gross vehicle weight of 4,500 kg or less used for pleasure purposes. Drive other automobiles coverage is also provided to the insured and certain other persons when operating automobiles described above.

OPCF 43 - Waiver of Depreciation - This policy change form waives the Statutory Condition of the policy, which limits liability for loss or damage to the automobile to the actual cash value. Loss or damage must occur before the expiry date of the policy that is in force 24 months from the automobile delivery date.

OPCF 44R - Family Protection Coverage - This covers you for the difference between the at-fault drivers liability limit and your own, if someone with less liability coverage than you injures you in an accident. This allows an insured to recover their Bodily Injury claim from their own insurer in the event that the “at-fault” motorist is inadequately or not insured.

Accident Waiver/ Accident Forgiveness - This is an optional enhancement, which protects a driving record from being affected by the first at fault loss of any listed driver licensed 6 years or more.

**The definitions explained above should only be used as a general reference. Please review your policy wording for exact coverage information.